What is a medium campervan

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Posted on 2021-04-06 01:19:55

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What is a medium campervan?

As #vanlife gains momentum, manufacturers are producing more vans suitable for camper conversions. Some companies will convert your van for you, offering predesigned and custom options. But if you can’t, or don’t want to, pay the steep price, consider doing your own conversion. While not as iconic as the Mercedes sprinter, the ford transit is a popular choice for a DIY campervan conversion. We converted a 2015 medium-roof model to learn how it’s done and crafted this step-by-step guide to explain the process.

Raelene is a professionally converted campervan who is owned by the master craftsman who created her. This pet-friendly campervan hire Peterborough manages to fit a fixed double bed, kitchen with 3-burner hob, oven and grill, toilet and shower into a medium wheelbase van whilst still giving a living space that feels light and super spacious! she's a fully off-grid vehicle with solar panels, underslung water tanks, gas heating, hot water and the cleverest pop-up toilet and shower you've….

Citroen dispatch Vauxhall Vivaro VW transporter the small to medium panel van is the most popular van size for camper conversions. The VW transporter is perhaps the most iconic campervan base vehicle and with no surprise. The size of the VW transporter avoids a lot of the negatives of a smaller micro campervan and it also avoids negatives of large campervans related to difficulty driving and parking space. The transporter’s famed reliability is the main reason for the VW's success. Because of this, it tends to come with a higher price. Other vans of similar size can be great alternatives if you are on a tighter budget.


Depending on the model variant, an average adult male will be able to stand up inside a medium campervan. For van models that come with a low roof, one way to add additional headroom is to install a pop-top roof.

Knowing which van is best for your campervan conversion can be tough. But think about how you’ll be using the van. It will take some time to know which van is best for your campervan style. It's important to figure out all the different wants and needs that you may require. Here are some important questions you could ask yourself: if you’re going to be living in it full-time or just part-time if there are 2 people or just 1 person. And also how tall you may be? if you are super tall, the low roof (or medium roof) is probably not the best option for you, if you want to be able to stand up without crouching.

Pop-tops are the ultimate camper accessory. How does a pop-top roof work? you may need to install additional supports if this is the case. Sienna weekender. Why wasn't this page useful? let us help you design and build the adventure van of your dreams. Get in touch! the owner started with his own poptop build, shown below and documented on the expedition portal. Com, and from there created his own company doing van conversions. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Information complémentaires this sienna conversion has a deluxe minivan interior system by contravenes and a pop-top by mountain conversion-ready camper van kits: wayfarer vans.

Depending on the campervan build layout, a medium campervan should be able to sleep two adults comfortably, with the possibility of one additional child.

Big Bathroom DIY Camper

The biggest van life guide: build a diy van to camper conversion. Insulation tips. Solar & wiring diagrams. Kitchen & bathroom install. Internet on the road. Free camping ideas and more.

How big is a medium campervan?

The Mercedes Vito might not be as popular as it bigger sibling, the sprinter. Still, the latest vito model is a serious contender for a medium-sized van for a campervan conversion. And as you can expect with Mercedes, the van comes with that added touch of luxury that you would typically find in their passenger cars. Such as heated front seats, an advanced touchscreen entertainment system, and intelligently led lighting are all available across the vito range.

Can you stand up in a medium campervan?

In the united kingdom, provided the maximum authorised mass (m. A. S) does not exceed 3,500 kg, a medium campervan can legally be driven on a standard car driving licence (class b).

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