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by Geoff Lord

Posted on 2021-04-06 01:05:29

VW Transporter Conversions

Rolling homes, we are VW camper conversion specialists. The passion for design and innovation has enabled them to create a range of award-winning campervan conversions based on the VW transporter t6.

Every VW campervan conversion that they undertake is completely bespoke. If you already have a campervan of your own, be it new or pre-loved, they will be more than happy to discuss your camper conversion options. If you don't want a traditional campervan conversion layout, they can design anything to suit your needs and requirements. For example, do you want a place to store your motorbike? do you need extra seatbelts for your dogs? or maybe a solar panel added to your roof? then you are in the right place. They pride themselves on satisfaction and rely almost entirely on word of mouth marketing from satisfied clients.


5 Best Conversion Van Layouts

Most van layouts were designed for their client's lifestyles and needs, and they’ve found they cover all the bases when it comes to designing your conversion van! They are more than happy to go through each one of the van floorplans offered in their van layout guide. If you’re looking for all the specs and access to our private Facebook community, you can join the van layout guide here.

What About the smaller vans

Though visibly different in their shape, a Vauxhall combo offers very similar attributes to both that of the Citroen Berlingo and Renault Kangoo. These models do resemble more of a van than a campervan, initially, but they also offer more scope when it comes to conversion. Therefore, you will likely find a range of different layouts here, but most will provide that essential kitchen space, seating area, and, of course, sleeping conversion area.

The layouts can show various options/examples for race van/sports home conversions. They all provide a large garage area at the rear for motorbikes or other large items such as go-karts, quads, mountain bikes, outdoor equipment, etc. Each image shows the van it was based on, although they can be adapted to suit other vans. Also remember these are examples, if you have your own ideas or would like a combination of more than one layout we can build to individual specifications.

You can easily flip any of these layouts around left to right or front to back and still make a functional van conversion. So where’s the best place to put your kitchen? should it go on the passenger side or the driver’s side? behind the cab or in the back? it all depends on what you care about most. Putting your kitchen by the side door could simplify refilling your water and propane tanks. Putting it behind the driver’s seat creates a nice, open feel in your van. Right behind the cab makes your van more private, while all the way in the back is a different twist on most van layouts out there. Some van lifers even have kitchens that pull out of the trunk on drawers for cooking outside.

One of these removable options is the trail kitchens series of conversion pods. The trail kitchens come in several styles and sizes that fit a variety of vans and even minivans. The mack daddy of them all is the aluminium campervan kitchen pod for just under $3,000. It features a marine-grade water system with a pump, portable single burner propane stove, fresh and grey water tanks, utensil storage, and a Dometic fridge connector. The pod can be designed for both driver and passenger side layouts and the countertops can be customized to the look of each van.

Welcome to our camper conversion adventure!

Now, the real camper van conversion begins. Every converted van is a special snowflake, and there is no right/wrong way. We think it’s important to focus on your main purpose. Are you living in your van? make the bed the top priority and plan everything around that. Is this your adventure mobile and you need to keep gear like a mountain bike or surfboard alongside you?.

These vehicles typically come with a higher roof that has either been factory-fitted on the original vehicle or extended as part of a conversion. Think of this space as an added 'attic'' space on the design that can be used for sleeping quarters (opening up the back of the camper van for larger living space, more passenger seats, or more amenities), storage space for camping, or adventure gear. Some variations of this type of van include pop up, semi-rigid tops, or offer space and components to set up what are essentially tents on the van roof for overnight stops.

Travel enthusiast marina Piro's creative old van restoration allowed her to go on an epic adventure, seeing the world with her beloved rescue dog Odie. Diy campervan conversion on a tiny budget in less than 1 week | two wandering soles DIY campervan conversion on a tiny budget in less than 1 week: you don't have to be a millionaire to join convert a van. We'll show you how we bought, converted and hit the road all in one week while staying on a budget. #vanlife #vanlifediaries #camper #campervan.

These modular-style vans aren’t the wood-based campers you’ve seen in many Instagram photos, but they are still just as functional and even more durable than most wooden-based builds. Vandoit camper vans are all built inside ford transit 350xlt vans. These vans are highly customizable and come with a variety of component options from a portable shower to a roller kitchen set. Everything is built using a modular system that allows you to take out and put in new modules for different adventures.


You will not find standard layouts on your side. Every single RV conversion from us is unique. What we will show you here is samples and work which we have done previously or ideas which we wrapped up for particular jobs. Our company is specialised in individual layouts.

Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple, and all you really need in your camper van is a basic sink that does the job. Although most RV sinks are around the same size, the choice of styling is really up to you and what fits your interior decor. If you’re looking for a more stylish option in your van conversion then this composite bar sink from repro might take your fancy with a black granite effect that will complement any interior. It measures a standard 13” x 15” and is super easy to install.

Btu: 5,000 watts: 460 when running the home labs window air conditioner is one of the best-selling ac units. This isn’t an ideal way to cool a camper van, and it’s not quite as powerful as some other options, but it gets the job done, and certainly brings out the spirit of a DIY van conversion. A window ac unit in your van isn’t the most attractive looking option or the most stealthy option either, but if you’re on a budget it’s a good solution.

Possibly one of the most hyped conversions in the Vanagon world, but with good cause. We take great care in doing these conversions - your engine bay will look meticulous, you'll have a perfectly crafted wiring harness, the motor will always be "zero-mile" freshly rebuilt. However, because we take no short cuts on this conversion, it's going to be expensive and more expensive than the competition - it's not unusual for these conversions to cost $20k or higher when all is said and done. We know that we lose quite a few jobs on price, but we simply refuse to do this conversion with short cuts or by not replacing everything. 

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