DIY Camper Van Conversions

by Geoff Lord

Posted on 2021-04-06 00:44:13

Conversion Van and DIY Custom Builds 

Converting a van into a camper is the ultimate chance to create a tiny home and have the freedom to take it with you to whichever destination you want to explore next.

A year ago, craving new adventures and inspired by the #vanlife movement many people took the plunge and, bought vans to begin their own DIY van conversion!

Sprinter van conversion kits tools increase the appeal to live in a converted van while travelling the open road which has definitely risen in popularity over recent years as better and better van conversion plans and kits have come to market.

A sprinter van isn't exactly a jeep, but it sure isn't a "class a castle" either. They chose a sprinter for its great gas mileage, head-room, and ground clearance: “…the sprinter has excellent ground clearance for a van—in fact, the van has more ground clearance than our jeep on 31” tires. Sprinter camper van conversions can be custom designed or completed as a DIY built to meet your needs. 

 A year ago, craving new adventures and inspired by the #vanlife movement many people took the plunge and, bought vans to begin their own DIY van conversion!

Caravan, camper van and motor home floor plans

The beauty of a Custom build Motorcaravan home is in its functionality. You can start by designing a simple cutaway design or even animate functional parts with the many computer programs available for Computer-aided Designs (CAD). So your custom build can behold the incredible design of the custom recreational vehicle in all its glory. 3d floor plan is a perfect way to present different options and customization of the motor home and camper van. With 3d layout, it’s easy to demonstrate how bespoke RV or house on wheels can be modified to fit someone’s preferences.

If the thought of designing your own motorhome or campervan layout sounds daunting, we totally get it! fortunately, the internet is full of websites, blogs and forums that can help you visualize your perfect design. Check out this list of resources to get started (and inspired): campervan bed designs tips for designing a functional camper van layout sports-mobile’s DIY studio guide to DIY campervan conversion van floor plans and bed design.

The floor plan diagrams will help you select the camper that fits your needs. Displayed below all vehicle types from truck campers, van conversions and motorhomes, both day and night views. As a minimalistic lifestyle is gaining popularity more and more customers order 3d floor plans of van homes, container housing, bus houses, caravans, campers and so on.

Finding the best RV for conversion to small campervan goals is important. There are a lot of different types of RVs, brands, and floorplans to consider when you first start shopping and camper vans, or class b motorhomes, are no different. Ranging in size, floorplans and features, shoppers have a lot more options when it comes to finding the best compact motorhome for their lifestyle, whether they have a full-time travel goal or just weekend camping trips.


Have you ever found yourself dreaming about the van life, fantasizing about having a tiny home on wheels of your own to travel around in, only to come crashing back down to reality when you realize you don’t even know which end of a hammer to hold? building your own van can be an extremely rewarding process and a chance to learn new skills, but maybe you lack the confidence, don’t have the time, or you simply hate DIY.

Start building your dream machine today! specialising in a range of affordable, reliable and high-quality campervans and conversions providing quality and well-designed hand made conversions at an affordable price.

Admittedly, before I decided to go with glamper van, for about a nanosecond I considered building my own van. I’m so impressed with all the women doing DIY builds! I fantasized myself as Rosie the riveter wielding power tools with aplomb. But I knocked that dream out of my head as fast as it entered. I’m in my 7th decade of life now and one bit of self-knowledge I’ve acquired is that I am not a DIYer. Bless your heart if you are. I’ll root you on and cheer your success. But if I was going to have a van before I turned 100, I needed to have someone else build it.

Our sprinter camper van conversions are custom designed and built to meet your needs. We build your sprinter van from the ground up using the finest parts and materials. Whether you need to customize your dream van for camping trips, windsurfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, ATV hauling, commercial outfitting or just about any other activity or purpose van specialities has got you covered. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or to get a quote. Check out some of our completed sprinter vans in our sprinter vans gallery below.

The internet and the socials are full of beautiful, customized van builds that include everything and the kitchen sink. While these vans are great to look at for both ideas and for future dreams, there is something about keeping a van conversion simple.

So you want to build a campervan! you’ve made the decision to make your van dreams a reality, chosen the perfect campervan base vehicle, and have even started road trip planning. Just one tiny thing you haven’t figure out yet: how to actually start a van conversion. Well, as my oxford college motto goes (you know, back before I knew I was going to use my oxford education and two degrees to live in a van),  you will need to start your van conversion as soon as you can. Purposefully and boldly.

For more information about Campervan, conversions visit our Main website at

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