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Custom Made Outdoor Camper Van Covers

Van tracks camper-van covers are custom made individually to each vehicles dimensions. These covers are hand made in the United Kingdom using the very best materials. Van Tracks prides itself in selling a Custom Made Cover rather than a one size fits all Cover. We will only begin to make your camper van cover after the order has been placed and to your specification using our integrated ordering system. 


Our camper van covers are made from an high tech industry proven non scratch 3 layer breathable weather resistant fabric that will allow dampness and condensation to escape. The covers do not use any underlay as the fabric is soft. Any underlay present would act as sponge holding water/ moisture if used on a wet vehicle.  This custom made outdoor cover can be used on a wet or dry van and because of the breathability will not let the vehicle sweat.  It can also be used in an enclosed space without the worry of the vehicle sweating. The cover comes with 4 strong webbing style straps and is elasticated front and rear. There is also an internally protected covered zip for easy access via the sliding door. We use non rot high strength nylon thread. The cover comes with its own storage bag with shoulder strap and hooking loop. We recommend washing the cover on the camper van using a mild detergent and either a cloth or a soft brush. For very soiled covers they can be washed in a large container and then dried on the camper van.


The cover will protect against...


Frost, snow, tree sap, bird droppings, UV protection, dust, rain, knock scratches and vandalism.





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