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Water Heater Whale Gas And Electric

Large 13L capacity hot water tank – more hot water Choice of settings – Fast heat up or low current draw Compact design.

Fast heat up or low current draw Compact design – Saves space One piece flue – No cover required Robust Insulation – Meets grade III EN1645-1. 3 year Warranty

Simple to use On/Off switch control functions – One model – 5 settings Gas only - Electric low setting (600W/2.6A) - Electric high setting (1200W/5.2A) - Gas and electric low - Gas and electric. Heat up times Approximate times from 15oC to 70oC Gas Operation 43 mins Electric Operation 38 mins Gas & Electric Operation 22 mins Minimal Wiring – 3 pin plug - Simply plug in so no 230V wiring required. Board Mounted Mounted on a board for quick and easy installation. The raised position allows pipes and wires to be housed underneath the heater for neat and compact installation One Control Panel - Includes easy to mount control panel. One 3.5m cable with simple connectors, Simple to use Control Panel. Quick Connect Plumbing - 12 mm Quick Connect Pre-assembled plumbing with adaptors for other pipework systems included. Maintenance Diagnostics system for easy fault finding and easily accessible components for servicing. Shurflo trailking SF120716 water pump required.

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UK 3pin mains socket includes back box.

UK 3pin mains socket includes back box.


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Manufacturer: WHALE

Product Code: WH1301


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